Regular Faculty.

A host of Regular faculty will guide you towards the course objectives. Each paper has One Professor, supported by sub-specialisation faculty. Hard core Research Background and Marked Faculty are part of Regular team.

Adjunct Professor.

A Team of Non Track Professor run the course for students. They are part of specific course in the terms, and engage students through Teaching, Research Projects, Workshop, Presentation, Debate and Case format.

Professor of Practice.

The primary role of a Professor of Practice is to design and teach RE Management, Executive Education, carry out workshops and other related educational programmes. The Professor of Practice will also be expected to supports students activities along with consulting assignments.Other activities include the development of cases, teaching aids and assessment methods in the RE Management area.

Industry Experts.

Each Course will have Host of Industry Experts and Professionals, who will engage the course and paper for students. They come for specific area/topic, identified for specific focus of teaching. The topic of relevance and skill based needed for Industry is imparted by this team of Experts.

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