• Legacy of running and managing Real Estate Business for years
  • Experienced Faculty + PhD level background
  • Comprehensive four day Induction Programme / Immersion Program
  • Ideal Faculty- Student Ratio; hence each student get focused attention and good connect with Professors mentoring.
  • Blending Theory & Practice / Flipped teaching methodology / Gamification
  • Certification Courses, focused on ASK- Attitude; Skills; Knowledge
  • Extensive exposure to industry and familiarise the student with the actual work situations
  • Finishing School - Each student with Profiling Career Map/ Personality
  • Career development centre and Network with Recruiters for Students advantage
  • Pedagogy - the rigour of countless assignments, committee work and quizzes, fieldwork / real time case study
  • Extensive Mentoring / Coaching for Start up, and Incubation support
  • Rigorous Research basics / All course with Project based
  • Engaged community citizenship and connects with NGO
  • Celebrates cultural events and festivals all year round/sporyts meetings, music, dance group, dramatic events
  • Intense focus on extra curricular activities and various opportunities to display leadership
  • Clubs for academic development and exposure
  • Industry Connect / Visits / interaction with professionals & industry veterans
Academics USP