Center for Urban Planning

In order to improve urban land development processes and regulatory framework the CUP - Center for Urban Planning ( and Policy Implication) undertakes research and analysis to support various initiatives. The center also translates into relevant and applicable policy guidelines to address challenges such as increasing land availability, enhancing affordability, securing land for public purposes, and setting clear land rights

CUP is engaged in consultation and capacity building with governments, community and local authorities. It designs considerable training material in the areas of land and urban planning, housing and government, and carried out important comparative with regard to land pooling and re-adjustment mechanisms and regulations established forms


  • To create a lively interdisciplinary environment of cooperation and innovation focused on human habitat issues


  • Active engagement in research, advisory and capacity-building projects to solve most critical environmental- social issues and improve the quality of life for cities and cities in India
  • Sustainability as a strong focus and contribute to low-carbon urban developments, responsible consumption and better management of natural resources


  • Work reflected in collaboration with municipal public sector bodies, communities and businesses houses

Academy teaching and research work in Urban Planning area

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