Center for Excellence in Real Estate Management

CEREM - Center for Excellence in Real Estate Management, offers students the opportunity to learn about both private-sector and public-sector practise in real estate. In conjunction with a well-functioning faculty, the Center offers an extensive collection of courses, research opportunities, intensive seminars, and on-the-job training opportunities in various government offices and real estate firms.


  • Develop business, industry, labour and education partnerships in order to build a strong work force for construction


  • Developing a project management strategy
  • Shaping the culture focusing Project management
  • Designing and implementing a project management process


  • Webinars and Knowledge Series
  • Visits to Sites and interact
  • Research reports and newsletters


  • Brainstorm ideas that focus on what the future will look like, with experts, Planners, Designers and Policy Implementers
  • Designed Excellence model for better results
  • Identified Training requirements for companies for better skill development